Jin's Auto Scholarship

"기나긴 세월동안 저희를 도와주신 크라이스트처치 교민 여러분, 고마웠습니다. 해마다 원하는 대학에 ‘떡떡’ 붙으라고 떡을 해주시던 떡집 사장님, 십시일소 장학금에 일조를 해주셨던 고마우신 분들, 딴짓 못 하게 지켜봐 주신 교민분들 등등... 저희는 열심을 다해 노력했지만 능력이 다해서 또는 독특한 성격 때문에, 알게 모르게 교민분들게 실수했던 점들을 생각합니다. 아무쪼록 너그러이 이해해주시고 저희들의 부족했었음을 용서해 주십시오. 안녕히 계십시오"

Jin's Auto Scholarship was started in 1999 by the owners of Jin's Auto (an automotive repair centre) Mr Jinsub Kim and Mrs Choonok Hwang, who felt such pride and joy when they witnessed Korean students receiving prizes at a graduation ceremony of a high school in Christchurch.

Jin's Auto Scholarship was first awarded to two high school graduates from the year 1999, when both graduates received runner-up Dux in their respective high schools. Since then, the owners of Jin's Auto has donated tens of thousands of dollars for the scholarship, which has been very highly regarded by the Korean community.

Due to the owners' retiring in 2012, after 14 years of running, Jin's Auto Scholarship had to be discontinued. By this time, about 60 students had been awarded the scholarship and the total amount the couple had donated added up to about $80,000.

In order to continue on their legacy, however, Korean Scholarship Trust was formed. The (previous) owners of Jin's Auto fully supports KST and the Canterbury Scholarship.

Past recipients of the Jin's Auto Scholarship.

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