Canterbury Scholarship

Canterbury Scholarship is provided once per year to students who are graduating from high schools in Canterbury region, based on their achievements in:

  • Academics
  • Sports
  • Art and Music
  • Science and Technology
  • Community and Leadership

Through this scholarship, we aim to:

  1. Identify students that have been excelling in their chosen field
  2. Reward those students for their achievements thus far
  3. By acknowledging their achievements, encourage the recipients to aim higher
  4. Give them a sense of pride and a sense of responsibility as a member of our society

There are no strict criteria for deciding which set of achievements are eligible for the scholarship. Each application will be judged on its own merits by the trustees, and if necessary, by consulting subject matter experts. As a rule of thumb, the level of achievements to be considered for the scholarship are as follows:

  • Receiving Dux or runner-up Dux
  • Receiving the grade of Excellence for most NCEA subjects
  • Noticable performance at sporting/art/musical events at the national level or above
  • Noticable work for the community and/or having shown great leadership

Past recipients of Canterbury Scholarship.

Scholarship Sponsors